Classes for Wroclaw12

Intro classes

Shanti UlfsbjorninnIntroduction to the Operation(s) of Phonology
Silke HamannAn introduction to sound change
Yuni KimIntroduction to autosegmental phonology and tone
Dennis OttIntroduction to Syntax (10 classes)
Michelle SheehanWord order: from typology to theory
Heather BurnettIntroduction to Quantification in Natural Language

Topical classes

Paul BoersmaNeural network models of phonology and its interfaces
Péter SzigetváriThe skeleton: its contents, its shape, its function
Shanti UlfsbjorninnWhat's a moraic onset? Answer: a CV
Shanti UlfsbjorninnParse by Feature Checking: or 'All roads lead to CVCV'
Yuni KimLong-distance interactions in phonology
Bartosz WilandThe syntax of Slavic prefixes
Heather BurnettEvent Structure and the Semantics of Resultatives
Michelle SheehanParameter hierarchies: the case of Case
Remus GergelDiachronic change in structure and the interfaces (10 classes)
Roumyana PanchevaSyntax and semantics of comparatives and superlatives
Barbara Tomaszewicz, Roumyana PanchevaExperimental studies in syntax and semantics (10 classes)