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Welcome to the joyous Eastern Generative Grammar (egg) summerschool, sometimes known as the GLEE. The fun is staying in the nice town of Wroclaw (Poland) this summer, we look forward to seeing you there. The egg focuses on formal linguistics, and has a nice group of teachers, who are also researchers at the forefront of today's research and are coming to teach for free and for fun.

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11 August - Michal: Upwards movement at the egg

07 August - Michal: The certificate of attendance is now ready for your customisations.

22 July - Michal: The last class now got its abstract.

13 July - Michal: All the classes are now announced and have a description -- next step: scheduling.

07 July - Michal: Most non-phonology classes now have a title and an abstract -- amazing progress!

05 July - Michal: The confirmation period is drawing to its end -- if you haven't confirmed yet and were planning to, do so quickly!

03 July - Michal: There are now abstracts for the first two classes, both in semantics -- see the 'teachers and classes' link on the left.

28 June - Michal: The confirmation period has started -- in case you haven't received the email instructions, you can read them here

03 June - Michal: Finally, the syntax component. To complement Sandhya, there will be Tom McFadden, who many of you already know and who will be talking about phases, edges and other dangerous objects, and myself, Michal Starke. I am still hoping to have one more person, but I am not sure we will get there.

31 May - Michal: The phonological component of the school springs to life: Wendell Kimper, Markus Poechtrager and Peter Jurgec, a great team of young reseachers!

31 May - Michal: Registration period extension: we already have a good number of applications, but for fairness, the deadline will be extended. This is because I haven't even announced all the teachers yet (due to long negociations!), and hence some interested students will not even know that their teachers of interest will be there. Hence the extension for another week, until June 7th.

27 May - Michal: the next ingredient in what is becoming a tasty syntax/semantics cocktail is Marta Abrusan, who has a past life on when wh-pronouns die the horrible death of trying to leave an island, then turned to pragmatics and has recently began experimenting with the king of France ;)

25 May - Michal: Next we have Jakub Szymanik, a man into cognitive aspects of quantifier meaning, and more generally complexity theory, cognitive science, formal semantics and friends. The game is heating up!

24 May - Michal: Our second teacher is Hazel Pearson, a semanticist who has been working on topics ranging from the existence (or not) of adjectives in Fijian to a PhD she recently completed on 'de se' readings, logophoric pronouns and related issues. Her research and Sandhya's complement each other well, so we should see a good amount of back and forth this summer. More generally, I smell a pronominal theme emerging for this school!

21 May - Michal: Welcome to the first registered person, Konstantinos from Greece :)

21 May - Michal: While we're waiting for the registration magic, here is one question you'll have to answer during the registration process.

20 May - Michal: hey people -- sorry to be late with the registrations. I want to change the procedure a little bit and hit some technical issues. It should be solved tomorrow though, so we'll go live by tomorrow evening at the latest.

11 May - Michal: Here we go: Our first teachers is the energetic and all-round awesome Sandhya Sundaresan, who recently wrote a treaty deliciously mixing cool semantics, exotic functional projections and Dravidian languages.

05 May - Michal: Things are now taking shape, and here are more dates for you: registrations will start May 18th and they will end May 30th, just like last year. (There will then be a confirmation round, which will most probably take place between June 12th and June 24th, again like last year -- more details will be sent later about confirmations)

08 April - Michal: dear egg-lovers: as usual, this will be a last-minute omelette, but we hope it'll be as fun as usual! So yes, there will be an egg this summer, it will take place in the town that many of you know well by know, Wroclaw (Poland) and it will start on the 29th of July and jitter on until August 9th. See you there!