3rd Central European Summer School in Generative Linguistics

Olomouc - Czech Republic

5th - 23rd of August, 1996



There are no fees. The school is free.


University Residences are available: ca. 70$ for the three weeks, in multiple bed rooms (with ISIC).
(see below for grants)


We hope that meals will be available on the campus for a good price. More information on this topic will be available soon. Worst case: be prepared to have at least 120$ for living. (see below for grants)


Students from eastern european countries can apply for grants (the two types of grant are not exclusive):

Recipients of grants will have absolutely no expenses for the summer school. Others could manage with travel plus 120$ living costs.

Important note:

Since the summer school will be held in English, one of the criteria for grants is very good knowledge of English.

More information:

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