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The Central European Summer School in Generative Grammar is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers. Teachers, just like the organizers, get no payment for their work. Therefore the school, in particular our ability to give a substantial number of grants to eastern European students depends entirely on donations.

If you want support the school and donate money to the Central European Summer School in Generative Grammar, you can simply write a transfer order in either your local currency or US$ from your account to the following bank account:

Name of the bank
Komercni banka
trida Svobody 14
Olomouc, CZ

Name of the account: Palacky University

Account No: 0000190911750267/0100
(nineteen, zero-nine, eleven, seventy-five, zero-two,sixty-seven, SLASH, zero, hundred)

Very Important:

(1) Write on your order that the target account is a US$ account. This will avoid superfluous currency conversion fees.

(2) If possible, include on your order the purpose of the transfer, i.e. Central European Summer School in Generative Grammar.

(3) Please send an additional message (email or snail mail) to one of the following people, stating your name, address and the amount of money you donated. We will then make sure that the money arrives in Olomouc and send you a receipt.


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