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How to Get to the Olomouc Summer School


Olomouc is a town (120 000 inhabitants) right in the middle of Moravia, i.e. in the East of the Czech Republic. One can get there e.g. by bus or by train. (We have no information about buses). Train connections you may use:

(A) from the East: Moscow - Kiev - OLOMOUC - Prague

(B) from the North (to) South (and in the opposite direction):
(a) Warsaw - Ostrava - Prerov - OLOMOUC - Prague
(b) Warsaw - Ostrava - PREROV - Breclav - Vienna/Bratislava/Budapest
The place to change is 'PREROV' where (if the train doesn't go to Prague but to the South) you have to change to the local train Prerov-Olomouc (the trains go frequently and it takes some 15 minutes)

(C) from the West: PRAGUE - OLOMOUC:
Departures from Prague to Olomouc (not guaranteed, a 'new' timetable is due in June - but these trains usually do not change much): 8.52, 10.52, 11.52, 12.13, 12.43, 13.22, 14.43, 14.45, 15.22, 16.22, 17.22, 18.22, 18.57, 20.42, 22.42, 23.15. (the trip takes about three / three-and-a-half hours)


The address of the hostel is


It is not far from the railway station.

TAXI: stand in front of the railway station (on the right). If the driver is honest, it will cost you ca. Kc 50 (ca: 2 dollars, 1GBP, 3 Deutschmarks): show him the address of the hostel.

But Taxi is not necessary - you can easily get to the hostel by tram. The tickets for tram/bus/anything are sold in any newstand in the railway station hall or in front of the station. You must buy one (for Kc 6,--) before entering the tram and mark it in the tram.

(a) the tram stop in front of the station. With your back to the railway station, take any tram with the exception of number 1 (i.e. 2/3/4/5 are OK) going to the right
(b) get off at the second stop (if you are going from the railway station) or the third stop (if you are going from the bus station)
(c) go back some 150 meters and turn to the right - right in front of the bridge over some river (here you may already find some paper signs directing you towards the hostel)
(d) follow the street next to the river - you'll get to a playing ground (on your left) but keep going for about 200 meters. You'll see two high (ugly) concrete buildings in front of you. Here we will leave a message for you. The hostel is BEHIND the tall buildings. The first or second complex of small concrete buildings... There will be a welcome awaiting you.


The organisers will be expecting you on Sunday from the noon to the midnight - you will register (receive some info about the organisation) and get into your room. If you arrive earlier, you'll wait (the porters in the hostel usually allow students to leave their luggage in the hostel even before the registration). If you arrive later, the porter will let you in and you will register next morning. A part of the registration is also paying the accomodation. If you don't have a grant for accommodation, try to have Czech money with you, so that you can do it immediately after arrival...

Accomodation: the rooms are for 2 or 3 people. Two rooms share one bathroom. We will try to get only rooms for 2 people but it is not clear whether we will succeed.
The price is about Kc 100 per night.

Meals:we were unfortunately not able to arrange to have meals in the university canteen: the canteen is closed during the holiday. There are kitchens in every floor of the hostel (with a sink/heater etc), but no plates/cups etc. are left there. If you want to prepare your own meals, you must bring the utensils. As for restaurants etc, Olomouc provides enough opportunities to eat. (For those who have been in Olomouc already: the inflation was about 10 p.c., i.e. the costs will be some 10 p.c. higher than last year... but we already have even a nice Chinese restaurant!).


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