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Program for Olomouc97

Introductory Seminars:

Daniel Büring (Cologne) Introduction to Semantics: Determiners

Marcel Den Dikken
Introduction to Principles and Parameters Theory
(2 weeks)

T.A. Hall (Berlin) Introduction to syllable structure

Peter Ludlow (New York) Philosophical Issues in Generative Linguistics

Maaike Schoorlemmer
Argument Structure and Aspect

Irina Sekerina (New York) Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Lida Veselovska (Olomouc) Introduction to Czech Syntax

Syntax & Semantics Seminars:

David Adger (York) The Semantics of Functional Categories (2 weeks)

Daniel Büring (Cologne) Quantified Noun Phrases

Iliyana Krapova (Plovdiv) The Syntax of Infinitival and Subjunctive Complementation
(2 weeks)

Lea Nash (Paris) Phrase Structure - from GB to Minimalism
(2 weeks)

Peter Ludlow (New York) Tense and Time

Christopher Pinon (Düsseldorf) Approaches to Aspect
(2 weeks)

Maaike Schoorlemmer
DP Structure and Argument Structure of DPs

Ur Shlonsky (Geneva) Between Subjects and Non-Verbal Predicates
(2 weeks)

Michal Starke (Geneva) Chains & Coreference
(2 weeks)

Phonology Seminars:

Marc Van Oostendorp
Stress Systems (2 weeks)

Tobias Scheer (Paris) Apophony: a Theory of Regular Context-free Vocalic Alternations
(2 weeks)

Psycholinguitics Seminar:

Irina Sekerina (New York) Psycholinguistics


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