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Older News For Olomouc'97

July 22 : Here is an updated list of participants and a Boston Globe report of the water situation.

July 21 : We have now some clearer information which I assembled into a Question & Answers page.
The situation seems to be quickly calming down and we can hope for a relatively normal school...

July 20 : It seems to be raining again in Olomouc, but predictions say it should stop definitively tomorrow. Two relevant news report are: msnbc and Detroit News
As usual, we'll let you know as soon as news come in.

July 14-15 : As you might have heard on the news, Olomouc was flooded... Fortunately, the onsite news seem to be good. Chris Wilder got through on the phone, here is his brief retranscription. Lida Veselovska, the local organiser then mailed us this reassuring message.
So, to all of you who worried about the school: it seems to be all right, and we'll keep you posted.

July 01 : The list of participants is now available online.

June 11 : All information letters went out today (the schedule will be sent tomorrow).
A few email addresses seem broken. If you did not receive anything, please try to contact us by email.

June 10 : The final number of applicants was 192.
The abstract for Oostendorp's class is here. This class will be co-taught by Ben Hermans. Welcome!

June 9 : Due to the fact that there have been so many application, the selection is slower than expected.
It should be finished in the next couple of days though, and all info will be sent out immediately.

June 8 : Pinon has an updated abstract for his class on aspect.

June 7 : The abstract of Veselovksa's class on Czech Syntax is available.
Ludlow, Nash seem to be still looking for theirs :-)

June 6 : The timetable is now ready and should be final.

June 5 : Sorry for the overly long silence. We have been working hard though...
The local organisers sent the instructions about how to go to Olomouc, and more.

May 16 : The jukebox went tilt... This morning, the counter of applicants was showing about 180. (Not sure about the precise number, as some letters are still waiting in an office in Geneva).
It will take some days now to process all of this, and then we will be back to you with all the promised info.

May 09 : The 100th applicant to the school: Katalin Marton from Debrecen in Hungary.

May 08 : D. Büring has put together infos on how to donate money to the school. This page is there because all of us are volunteers, and the whole thing runs only thanks to donations.

May 07 : We have one more class: Lida Veselovska, will be teaching a course on Czech syntax. (The applications have jumped up to 85)

May 04 : We have now reached 70 applicants, progressing roughly as expected.

April 29 : The number of applicants has reached 50, with two more weeks to go, which probably means that there will be around 100 applicants.
This is good news: the ideal number of participants seems to be around 50-70. We know by experience that - for a variety of reasons - only around 60-70% of applicants can make it to the school. We are thus in ideal numbers.

April 24 : Sent the email announcement to ca. 200 generative syntacticians.

April 22 : Eleven abstracts are now available.

April 17 : Three new abstracts for the classes are online: Scheer, Shlonsky and Sekerina. They are linked from the programme page.

April 14 : First applications coming in!

April 13 : Sent electronic ad to a mailing list of ca. 600 slavicists.

April 10 : Linguist List announcement appeared.

End March : All the printed ads are sent. We are now waiting for the applications!


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