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21 July : You can now view some abstracts for the classes.

21 July : To all of you asking, if we can come into the hostel late at night the answer is yes!

20 July : After a lot of emailing and chasing people around, we are now about 150 participants (still a lot!). The local organisation is picking up the proverbial last-minute steam, which is a sure sign thata we're nearly there. See you in a few days.

16 July : More updates to the FAQ, mostly about arrival modalities.

6 July : The FAQ now has complete instructions on how to get to the hostel.

30 June : The FAQ has been updated, with infos about travel, grants, hostel. We haven't received yet a few crucial pieces of info about the hostel from the Bulgarian people, but as soon as we do, I'll email everybody with all the relevant information.

22 June : To clarify the amounts of travel grants: we reimburse according to the city you travel from. There is a list showing the amount for for each city.

21 June : Some people seem not to have received the letters annoucing grant decisions which were sent about three weeks ago, so here is a complete list of people who received grants.

1 June : Still no server in sight, to create a mailing list... Administators are soooo inflexible...

30 May : Here is an attempt at a schedule. It will still change, but at least the core should be stable.

25 May : Up to 230.... this should be final. We've now been busy trying to allocate grant as fairly and intelligently as possible... an impossible task!

16 May : Sorry for the pause: the number of applicants doubled in a few days, leaving little time for anything else... There's around 210 of you now.
We're having some problems with servers, which makes it impossible to set up a mailing list. Hopefully this should be resolved next week, possibly through setting up a new server dedicated to the school... (urgh!)
Next week too, a preliminary version of the schedule will appear, waiting for your comments ;-)

06 May : Eva Banik, from Hungary, was the 100th applicant (around 110 now). Course descriptions should start dripping in now.

27 April : New class: Damir Cavar and Ingo Schroeder: "Introduction to Constraint-Based Approaches"
It's technically not a 'computer-linguistics' class, it's centered on Constraints in general. The link to computers is that there will be ample demonstration of the"software which shows how such a system works, in a computer,showing how it climbes through the searchspace etc. One can formulate own constraints and try it out oncertain constructions. "The constraint view will also be compared to other similar approaches like 'Optimality Theory'.(the meter is around 60 people)

22 April : There will probably be an additional surprise-class on computational linguistics, coming in the next few days. (the meter is around 60 people, now.)

21 April : New feature: we now have a a complete list of applicants here.Please check that your data has been entered correctly!

16 April : Jelena Karuseva, from Lithuania, is the 50th applicant.

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