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13 April : A couple of persons from far away asked about how the Kosovo/Serbia war affects Plovdiv.The answer is that it doesn't up to now, there is no security issue. Of course, if such an issue arises,we will notify you immediately. Somehow this website is unlucky: last time we used it, a huge flood created fearand uncertainty wrt the school. And now that horror...

12 April : Here is another site purporting to describe Plovdiv.Mostly pictures again and not much content, like the others listed on our Plovdiv page.(thanks to Guido Fierlbeck who found this link weeks ago)
did anyone figure out how the little red circles work?

11 April : We're a little over 30 early applicants.

10 April : New page summarising how-to-apply (following a suggestion by Amanda Saksida-Kavur)

9 April : Sent the usual a boatload of email advertisement to ex-schoolers, and to generativists/slavicists (total 1169 emails)

6 April : Danny Fox's (long) title is in: Investigating Logical Form: the Nature of Covert Movement and the Interpretation of Chains

21 March : Started a page about Plovdiv so that we can read about what we're plunging into.For now it only contains 5-6 urls describing the city a bit. If you come across anything more substantive, please let me know.

17 March : First 3 applications: Iatsko Viatscheslav from Russia was the first to hit my mailbox, but Fermin Moscoso from Bolivia and Evelyn M. Todd from the states came in shortly after.
(Actually, to be fair, the first was Vladimir Rykov from Russia who asked to be registered back in September98.)

I am curious about this year's applications: Plovdiv is much less central than previouslocations, so I expect significantly smaller numbers (from within Europe, doesn't make a difference if you're flying from the another continent anyway), but people don't seem to buy into my doubts...(Not that I would mind a smaller school :-)

16 March : New syntax class: Prof. Pencev from Sofia will talk about Bulgarian wh-movement.

12 March : The annoucement for the school was sent to Linguist List. The race is on...

11 March : A preview of the programme is available

10 March :Things are now waking up... The behind-the-scenes phase should be mostly over.This was essentially teacher-negotiation, and the result looks pretty good this year, if it really all works out as it seems to.

January 99 :

This year, the summer school will take place in Plovdiv (Bulgaria),I am in the initial stages of building the site just now...


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