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Program for Plovdiv99

Phonology Seminars:

Haike Jacobs (Nijmegen) Introduction to Non-Linear Phonology

Krisztina Polgardi (Szeged) Universals and variation: Government Phonology and Optimality Theory

Tobias Scheer (Nice) Syllable Unstructure: CVCV

Syntax & Semantics Seminars:

Michael Brody (London) Mirror Theory and Head Movement

Guglielmo Cinque (Venice) Restructuring Phenomena and Clausal Architecture (1 week)

Danny Fox (Harvard) Investigating Logical Form: the Nature of Covert Movement and the Interpretation of Chains

Peter Ludlow (New York) Philosophical Issues in Generative Linguistics

Generalized Quantifiers and Directional Entailingness

Gertjan Postma (Leiden) Syntax of Negation

Michal Starke (Geneva) Basic Introduction to the Theory of Syntax (1 week)

Edwin Williams (Princeton) Adverbs, Inflection, and Functional Projection


Stella de Bode (UCLA) NeuroLinguistics


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