Anaphora, Logophora, Indexicality: a semantic perspective / 2 weeks

Hazel Pearson

This course presents cross-linguistic data concerning the behavior of anaphoric and pronominal elements when embedded below attitude verbs such as 'think' and 'say'. We will focus on such phenomena as logophoric pronouns (pronouns that are obligatorily embedded below an attitude predicate and which must refer to the bearer of the attitude) and shifted indexicals (pronouns like 'I' which in the scope of a verb like 'say' can refer to the speaker of the shifted speech context rather than the actual speaker). The development of a theory of the distribution of these elements has significant consequences for our understanding of the semantics of attitude reports and particularly of reports of so-called 'de se' attitudes. We will draw on case studies from the teacher's own research as well as formal semantic work on this topic from the past 15 years. One of the goals of the course is to establish a dialogue between this body of literature and syntactic work on anaphora, logophora and indexicality. In this respect, the course will complement the EGG course 'Anaphora, logophora, indexicality: a syntactic perspective'