What phonology is, and what it is not

Markus Alexander Poechtrager

Phonological discussion mostly revolves around technical issues -- what is the best principle/rule/constrain to explain a certain phonological phenomenon, what is the inventory of phonological concepts etc. Questions of why we do things the way we do them, what the role of phonology actually is, what a phonological phenomenon even is and why our theories should be designed in a certain way are brought up less often, even though those questions of the second type are a necessary condition for those of the first type.

This course addresses the question of what phonology should be able to do (and, equally important, what not) and explores the answers to that question from the point of view of one particular theory, i.e. Government Phonology. As such, it is an ideal complement to my introductory course and accessible to phonologists and non-phonologists alike.