1. Wroclaw

1.1. Do I need a visa?
Generally, it is up to you to find out about your travel arrangements; we cannot predict the situation for every person visiting the school. You can usually find good information about the visa requirements on the web. The general trend is: "EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Poland and are allowed to stay for a period of three months from the date of entry. If you are not an EU national, check visa and work permit regulations with the Polish embassy in the country where you are". The following website lists the countries whose citizens do not need a visa when travelling to Poland. Note that citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia do not need a visa as long as they have a biometric passport. Although obtaining a visa is primarily your responsibility, the local organizers will do their best to assist you as much as possible, e.g., we can send you a letter confirming your participation in the School. If such a necessity arises, write an e-mail to Krzysztof Migdalski (krzysz75 @ yahoo.com) indicating the first and last name, date of birth, passport number, validity term.

1.2. How do I get to Wroclaw?
There is an airport in Wroclaw (Wroclaw Strachowice). It is located 10 km west of the city centre and is served by LOT, EuroLot, Lufthansa, Ryanair, SAS, and Wizz Air. The map of connections is available on the airport website. PolskiBus operates cheap express buses from Prague (almost 5 hours), Lodz (4.5 hours), and Warsaw (6-7 hours). Here is another website where you can find schedules of international buses going to Wroclaw. You can also travel by train from Warsaw (5-6.5 hours), Berlin (6 hours), and Dresden (3 hours). The train timetable is available here. The name of the main railway station in Wroclaw is "Wroclaw Glowny", in Warsaw "Warszawa Centralna".

1.3. Where can I find some information about Wroclaw?
You can check out wikipedia, another entry on wikipedia, wikitravel, or local pages: Wroclaw-Life, the municipal website or Wroclaw City Breaks

2. Dorm

2.1. Where will the school participants be accommodated?
The name of the dorm is Dwudziestolatka, and the address is ul. Piastowska 1.

2.2. When should I arrive/depart?
The school starts on Monday July 29 and finishes on Friday August 9. Most people will arrive on the Sunday before (July 28) and leave on the Saturday after (August 10). These 13 nights are included in school fee. If you want to arrive earlier (e.g. on Saturday July 27) or leave later, that's also possible, but you'll have to pay for the extra dorm night(s). The rate for these extra days is 20 PLN (about 5 EUR) per bed per night in a double room (if there is another student staying with you on these days in your room) or 30 PLN (about 7.5 EUR) per night in a single room. We need to know ahead of time whether you want accommodation for the day before / after the school, hence, once you know this, send an e-mail to Krzysztof Migdalski (krzysz75 @ yahoo.com) so we can get an estimate of extra beds needed. You need to do this by Tuesday, 16 July at the latest. If you decide that you would like to stay in the dorm longer after 16 July or during the school, you will need to pay for the extra days directly to the dorm, and the rates will be considerably higher: 78.84 PLN (about 19 EUR) per bed per night in a double room or 100.44 PLN (about 24 EUR) per night in a single room. NB.: The dorm is closed from 2.30 a.m. till 3.30 a.m. at night because the receptionist is then on her round in the building.

2.3. What kind of rooms will be available?
You will stay in double rooms. Bed sheets are provided, but you need to bring your towel. Each two rooms share a bathroom and they are equipped with a fridge, an electric kettle, and glasses. No microwave ovens available. There are two kitchens per floor, so in principle you could do your own cooking if you have your own plates, pots, and cutlery. There is a laundry in the basement with driers and there are also additional washing machines in the kitchens. Free internet connection is available in the dorm, but you should BRING YOUR OWN CABLE. Before you can get connected, you need to fill out an admission form. I've been told it takes one day to process it. In addition, WIFI is available in the department building where the classes are held and also in the Pasaz Grunwaldzki mall (opening hours Mon-Sat 9:00-21:00, Sun 10:00-20:00) and Starbucks across the dorm. The dorm is strictly NON-SMOKING, equipped with smoke detectors. If a detector is activated, a fire brigade arrives and you get charged for this.

2.4. Can I choose my roommates?
Yes. Please write an e-mail to Krzysztof Migdalski krzysz75 @ yahoo.com before your arrival indicating your preferences. The deadline for this is Tuesday, 16 July.

3. How do I travel around Wroclaw?

3.1. How to get from the airport to the dorm?
There is a bus (No. 406) that goes every 20 minutes in the direction of the Main Railway Station. Take the bus in the direction of DWORCOWA. Now you have two options. (i) Get off at the 18th stop called Renoma at Podwale Street. From this stop take bus No. 149 in the direction of PL. GRUNWALDZKI. Get off at the 5th stop, which is the final stop. (ii) Get off at the 17th stop called Plac Orlat Lwowskich, then walk straight ahead for about 150 meters along Podwale Street till you reach the intersection of Podwale with Sadowa and Krupnicza. Cross the street and turn right to the tram stop called Podwale Take tram No. 4 in the direction of BISKUPIN and get off at the 5th stop called PL. GRUNWALDZKI. The dorm is the long building on the right, right across the Pasaz Grunwaldzki mall. The first option is easier, but bus No. 149 runs only every 30 minutes during weekends. You can use this website to plan your trip and here you can check bus and tram timetables. The last 406 bus leaves the airport at 23:14 (see the timetable). Do not take the evening buses marked with 'Z' in the timetable if you want to get to Renoma. This trip will take almost an hour, which means that you'll need a ticket that costs 4,40 PLN valid for 60 minutes and another ticket for your luggage There are two types of bus/tram tickets. The fares are as follows: Single-ride tickets: 3 PLN for regular routes, 3.20 PLN for express or night buses (express buses are marked with letters instead of numbers). You need to validate these tickets each time you board a different vehicle (no transfers possible). Period tickets: 30-minutes - 3 PLN, 60-minutes 4.40 PLN, 90-minutes - 6 PLN, 24-hours - 11 PLN, 48-hours - 20 PLN, 72-hours - 26 PLN. If you are travelling with a large backpack or a suitcase you must also buy a 1.50 PLN baggage ticket that you validate on each bus/tram you board. You can buy bus/tram tickets at some newspaper stores, ticket machines that are available at most stops (cash payment only) or from a ticket machine inside a tram/bus (credit/debit card payment only. Supposedly, Maestro is not accepted unless it is a proximity card). You can also take a taxi, but you'd better call one by phone (here are the numbers). Do not take one of the taxis waiting at the taxi stands at the airport or the train station, since you run a risk of being ripped off. I've been told it costs 45-47 PLN if you take a taxi from the airport to the dorm during the day and about 70 PLN after 10 PM. The current (23 May 2013) exchange rate is 1 EUR = 4.20 PLN.

3.2. How to get from the Train Station/Bus Station to the dorm?
From the Bus Station: cross the street to the Railway Station, walk through the tunnel under the tracks, leave it using the main exit and follow the instructions below. From the Train Station: use the main exit to leave the station. The tram stops outside the station, a little bit to the left. The stop is called Dworzec Glowny PKP (which means the Main Railway Station). Take tram number 2 in the direction of BISKUPIN and get off at the 6th stop called PL. GRUNWALDZKI or take tram number 0L in the direction of DWORZEC NADODRZE and get off at the 7th stop called PL. GRUNWALDZKI. The Pl. Grunwaldzki stop is at a big roundabout, with platforms in the middle of it, so you won't miss it. The trip will take you about 15 minutes. Here is the timetable of tram No. 2 and of tram No. 0L.

3.3. How to get from the dorm to the place where the classes will be held?
The classes will be held right in the center, at the Institute of English Studies, Kuznicza Street no. 22, close to the Main Square (Rynek). It's 2.5 km from the dorm - about 30 minutes of a pleasant walk or 10 min by tram. To get to the classes by tram, take tram number 33PLUS in the direction of PLICZYCE or No. 4 in the direction of OPOROW from the stop called Pl. Grunwaldzki Get off at the 4th stop called called Swidnicka next to a big KFC building. Take the tunnel under the street and turn right to Swidnicka, then continue straight ahead through the main square (Rynek) to Kuznicza Street no. 22. The route is shown here. You can also walk from the dorm using this route passing the cathedral on the way.

4. Registration

4.1. When can I register?
Not later than on 30 May.

4.2. What happens if I submit my registration form several times?
Only the last one will be counted. (If you submit them with different names, then they will all be counted and you will receive the shame-of-the-egg punishment for giving additional work to organisers.)

4.3. If I register, can I later decide to withdraw my registration?
Yes, of course!! Just send a msg to egg-withdraw@auf.net and you will be automatically removed from the list of participants. We do request though that you tell us before the reconfirmation ends.

4.4. What is this stuff about a mailing list?
When you register, you are automatically subscribed to a mailing list for annoucements about the school and for general discussion. (Notice that you must remain on that mailing list as long as you are registered with the school, we need a way to reach you!!)

5. Grants

5.1. Are grants really only for Central/Eastern Europe?
Yes. We only give grants to students in Central Eastern European countries (i.e. former communist countries including those countries that used to be part of former Yugoslavia). See the blurb on the purpose of the school for a brief explanation of why this is. It would be great if we could give out more money, but we're on a shoestring budget and it's already difficult like this...

5.2. What about people from Central/Eastern Europe living abroad?
That's to be seen on a case by case basis. But in general preference is given to those living out of reach of all these nice euros/dollars ;-)

5.3. Is it true that grants are given only to people who stay for the whole school?
Yes!! And we are pretty strict on this (see the following question).

5.4. I have a travel grant, how does reimbursement proceed?
You are expected to pay your travel, and then be reimbursed during the school. The reimbursement will be at the end of the school. We will be pretty strict on this, as there has been some abuse in the past.

5.5. Is it true that rejected grant applicants cannot attend the school?
Yes. Grants are for people who want to attend the school but cannot afford to do so. Since we cannot and would not want to check how much money you have in your bank account, we have decided that those people who apply for a grant (because they need one) but do not qualify for one are excluded from the school (because then they couldn't have come anyway). Also, choosing among the many grant requests is long and difficult for organisers, so we want to cut down on the number of grants applications in a fair way.

6. Costs

6.1. When do I pay?
We'll collect the money on the second day of the school (on Tuesday). We ask you to pay in euros, so please bring the right amount of euros for your payment in cash. If that doesn't work for you, we'll also accept the equivalent amount in PLN at the rate applicable at that moment.

7. About the classes

7.1. Where will the classes take place?
The classes are held at the Institute of English, the address is Kuznicza Street no. 22. It's in the old town, close to the Main Square (Rynek).

7.2. Are all classes in English?

7.3. Am I supposed to attend all the classes?
No way!! This school is supposed to be benefit you, not stuff too much down your throat!! So attend as much as you can digest, and only the parts you are really interested in.

7.4. When will the schedule be known?
Scheduling is a long and difficult process, wish us luck!

8. Misc

8.1. Who should I contact if I have more questions?
First make sure that the answer to your question is not on this website!! If it's not, then you have two options: - if you feel it is a private issue that would not interest all the participants to the school, in which case you should contact the organisers directly, at: summerschool at auf.net; - if you feel your question is of general interest, in which case you should send an email to the entire mailing list where every registered person will receive it (this option will be open after registration); - if it's a local organization issue contact the local organizer (Krzysztof Migdalski) krzysz75@yahoo.com - but please, he's a busy man too.