last nameBardagil
first nameBernat
affiliationParis 7
main domainsyntax
based inFrance
emailbbardagil @ gmail.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionI'm now finishing my MA thesis, and will start working on my PhD dissertation in the next school year. The topic I'm working on is an analysis of non-subjects in Panará, a Jê language spoken in central Brazil. Generally speaking, we could say I'm interested in the notions of valency, transitivity, and ergativity. Jê languages are moderately agglutinative languages, mostly head-final, and completely pro-drop (in the sense that a sentence can omit its subject, object and oblique and remain grammatical). Panará, having a richer morphology that represents on the verb its arguments, is a particularly particular language within its family, and there still isn't a clear analysis of the part of its syntax concerning its object system. I'm interested in the interaction of morphology, syntax and semantics in non-subject arguments, and I think the EGG is just what I need to gain some more insight in concepts of generative grammar before starting to work on my PhD thesis, especially considering that in "Amazonian linguistics" generative grammar is relatively rare and that a lot of studies that one comes across work within a functionalist or cognitivist theoretical framework. Since I will be studying in France, I'll start working on my thesis right away, without a first year of classes like in PhD programs in North America, and I really feel the need to enrich as much as I can my generative linguistics background. I have great references of the EGG from colleagues that took part in it in the past, and I really look forward to attending it and to the interaction with other linguists from very diverse places.

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