last nameBortlík
first nameJakub
affiliationPalacky University
main domainphonology
based inCzech Republic
emailjakub.bortlik @ gmail.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionI have been fascinated with languages, and with their sounds in particular, for several years now, but so far, I have mainly focused on the phonetic side of the thing. And since the time I met a Polish friend who keeps talking about the Optimality Theory, I've not only fell in love with Polish but I've also become more aware of the fact that my enchantment with allophones, as well as with other aspects of language (etymology, semantics, false friends, alphabets,...), is not only strong and sincere but also very naïve, simplistic and descriptive and it has got very uncertain theoretical foundations. I would like to dig deeper below the surface of language form into its function. I would love to come to EGG because it takes place in Wrocław which I have never visited yet, although it is just "around the corner" from my home city Hradec Králové, Czechia. And of course, I would like to meet all the other young linguists from around Europe.

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