last nameDemiray
first nameFatma
affiliationAnkara University
main domainsyntax
based inTurkey
emaildemirayfatma @ gmail.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionI am Fatma Demiray from Ankara, Turkey. I graduated from a Master’s Degree with thesis in English Language Teaching from Gazi University, Ankara and prepared Master dissertation on the topic of “A Case Study on Oral-Communicative Skills While Teaching English on the basis of ‘Lingua Franca’ term at University Preparatory Schools” and a Bachelor’s Degree in the same department at the university. I have 5 years of working experience on Teaching English as a Foreign Language and also Teaching Foreign Language on the aspect of Literatures and Linguistics. Finally I am a doctorate student in the department of Linguistics and this year I am about to finish my thesis on the topic of “Bilingual Lexical Access in Language Selectivity”. For this reason last year I stayed in Rome to collect data for my thesis topic and I was eligible for doing my research there. I am interested in Linguistics in terms of syntax and semantics about for 3 years. Also, I have an experience to give Semantics classes for 2 years. After all, in the light of my experiences I am interested in this program because I believe that it will give me more opportunities to learn new things and to share new ideas in a different environment. I will be able to equip myself in a different culture and point of views. Thank you for your sharing.

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