last namede Vos
first nameMachteld
affiliationThe University Of Cambridge
main domainsemantics
based inEngland
emailm.t.devos @ gmail.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionI took my undergraduate education at the University of Amsterdam and graduated with both a BA in Dutch Literature and Culture and a BA in Philosophy in 2010. My final thesis, which combined both degrees, was on a topic that combined linguistics and logics: as a part of the NWO-project ‘Indefinites and Beyond’ I conducted a synchronic and diachronic study of the (grammaticalization of the) Dutch indefinite pronoun ‘WIE dan ook’ (≈ whoever). However, after my undergraduate degree, I was offered a position at the University of Cambridge for an MPhil in another field: European Literature and Culture. Studying there was great, but my masters in literature also made me long for linguistics again. I currently work in publishing, but am at the same time looking for a PhD position in linguistics. In order to stay in touch with the field and to keep my linguistic knowledge up to date, I want to attend the EGG-summer school. My primary research interests are in semantics, pragmatics and syntax, and I am looking foward to deepening my knowledge of these fields, while at the same time broadening my perspective of these and other linguistic areas. EGG sounds like a great opportunity to do so, and I have always wanted to travel to Poland too!

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