last nameGercik
first nameIkbal
main domainsemantics
based inAustria
emailikbalgercik @ gmail.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionMy bachelor was English Language Teaching, that's why we had only some linguistics courses; all introduction level. This is my first semester in my master's General Linguistics: Grammar Theory and Cognitive Linguistics in Vienna. I cannot say I know a great deal, it is never enough actually, but I do want to learn. I used to be interested only in Syntax, because of my instructor and the great course I took in my bachelor. However, now after learning German and seeing how to form words in German, I started to grow an interest in Morphology, as well. This interest was further supported by the courses I am taking this semester. Another course I am taking is Introduction to Semantics. I was able to form a clearer image of my interests and motivations for my master's application during my Bachelor. I would just say I am interested in Syntax and I want to study Turkish Language, but this was because I knew too little. Now after seeing new things, I really cannot say. If I have to be specific, I am mostly interested in Morphology-Syntax and Syntax-Semantics interface and Semantics is the area that I feel least comfortable with. That is why I want to be able to have a chance to visit EGG and learn more about it. I think this will help me have a more specific idea about what I want to do. Everything is just so new and exciting for me! I also want to see more English terminology as I am studying in German. This will be my first time but I have a good feeling about EGG! I cannot wait to meet other people and exchange ideas with them.

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