last nameGonzalez
first nameAurore
main domainsyntax
based inFrance
emailgonzalez.aurore @ laposte.net
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionIt is my first year of Master in linguistic, thus I don't have a lot of previous linguistic experience, but during this year, additionally to classes (Syntax, Semantic, Phonology, Phonetic..), I work on my master thesis which is about the coordinating particle 'ni' ('nor') in French: my research covers several big subjects of linguistic: polarity, negative concord, coordination, negation.. Moreover, I was in April in Vittoria- Gasteiz for Chierchia's seminar, 'Logic in Grammar'. I'm particularly interested in Semantic and Syntax but also in other fields of linguistic. I think it's very important to be interested in other subjects than your research, and in other fields too. I have a lot to learn and I think Egg is a good place to be for that: I want to extend my knowledges in linguistic, to discover other researches, other subjects than what I study this year, and also to take other classes than the ones I had in my university. Of course, I would like to meet people, all of them can teach me about a lot of things, professor but also other students.

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