last nameGrabska
first nameDagmara
main domainsemantics
based inEngland
emaildagmaragrabska @ yahoo.co.uk
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionI am an MA Linguistics student at University College London approaching the final part of the course - thesis writing (on the syntax and semantics of scope in Polish). Although this programme gives a strong foundation in various linguistic sub-disciplines I still consider myself a novice in the field as my previous degree at KUL, Poland was in literature. Two of the areas of linguistics which interest me most are semantics and syntax and my goal at the egg would be to broaden my knowledge of both, but primarily the former. And, putting linguistics aside for a moment, it will be good to visit all the treasures of the vibrant town of Wrocław again, including its pre-war style budget vodka snack bars:)

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