last nameHavranova
first nameKaterina
affiliationPalacky University
main domainsyntax
based inCzech Republic
emailhavranova @ email.cz
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionHi, my name is Katerina and I am a second year PhD student of linguistics from Palacky University in Olomouc. I attended the Egg Summer School in Wroclaw last year and I found the courses very useful, especially those taught by Dennis Ott and Michelle Sheehan, as well as I enjoyed the lively atmosphere of the school and the city. I am mostly interested in syntax because I teach an introductory course in syntax at my home university and my PhD thesis is a contrastive study of Dutch and English modal verbs. Unfortunately, I can stay only the second week this year but I have already made some arrangements and sent an email to the organizers so that it should be ok. Thanks. Katerina

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