last nameiosifescu
first nameionela cristina
main domainsyntax
based inRomania
emailiosifescu_cristina @ yahoo.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionFirst, I want to mention that there are several reasons why I want to take part in the EGG classes this summer. I am a PhD student and I am constantly trying to enrich my linguistic experience, the EGG classes being such a great opportunity. I am very much interested in the syntax and semantics classes; Mostly, I study the syntax and semantics of the applied arguments, the Dative arguments in Romance languages (more often than not, Romanian data is examined) being my main interest. The EGG classes I attended last summer were very interesting and very useful. Moreover, they were very much fun. I distinctly remember several nice class experiences. I particularly enjoyed the classes on Case Theory since the first chapter of my PhD thesis deals with this topic of research. Not only do I remember the classes, but I remember my teachers and my colleagues, as well. We had very interesting talks, we shared linguistic knowledge, we went to parties, but what I liked most was the fact we did all these things irrespective of our nationalities. Moreover, I want to emphasize that Romanian researchers cannnot afford to miss such a huge opportunity to enlarge their linguistic experience. This is a strong reason for me to want to participate again in the EGG classes this summer; the University of Bucharest supports its students to enlarge their views from a linguistic point of view. When we are put into diverse linguistic environments, we seem to understand things better. At least, this is what I got from my last year experience. After taking a quick glance at some names in the group of teachers and their range of interests, I became even more interested in the EGG classes since semantics is something my PhD thesis can’t do without. On the other hand, another reason why I am interested in these classes deals with the fact that they are a big opportunity to meet native speakers of Romance languages who might help me gloss some of the Romanian examples I work on. Now, I want to come back to the fun I had during this summerschool. I met people of different cultures, we shared not only linguistic, but also cultural experience and jokes were all around. It was so much fun to spend two weeks in the great town of Wroclaw! My interest in attending the EGG classes again is both academic and personal, in the sense that I don’t want to miss the classes, but I don’t want to miss the fun either for anything in the world. I am looking forward to seeing you in Wroclaw again! I bet it will be so much fun!

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