last nameJerman Kuželički
first nameZala Mojca
affiliationUniversity Of Ljubljana
main domainphonology
based inSlovenia
emailzala.mojca @ gmail.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionHi! I am a student of English and Comparative Linguistics. I am always ready to talk about etymology and the history of languages. I became interested in psycholinguistics last year during my exchange in London, where I had classes on it. This year, I have finally been able to take up a course in Generative Grammar (only available to MA students of English at our faculty) and my interest for he topic is gradually turning into a passion. I would like to come to the EGG, becaue I would love to learn more about Generative Grammar - both about its syntactic solutions and findings about the Universal Grammar, as well as its phonological domains. I would also like to participate at the EGG because of the opportunity to be involved in informal linguistic debates and discussions with other enthusiastic students and teachers. I am strongly convinced that that way of learning is by far the most effective. My home faculty unfortunately doesn't offer me that pleasure too extensively, because our department is very small and students' interests are scattered. That is why the EGG sounds so incredibly appealing to me! I think it is absolutely fantastic that such summer schools are being organised and I would be really honoured if you accepted me for two weeks this summer. Thank you!

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