last nameLaličić
first nameSuzana
affiliationUniversity Of Szeged
main domainsyntax
based inHungary
emailsuzanalalicic @ yahoo.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionMy name is Suzana Laličić; I come from Bačka Topola, Serbia. I acquired my MA degree at the Institute of English and American Studies at University of Szeged, Hungary, and completed the stream of Applied Linguistics within the programme. Currently, I am teaching English and Serbian in a Hungarian minority classroom setting in Novi Sad, Serbia. My academic fields of interest include syntax, phonology, phonetics, morphology, language acquisition, bi/multilingualism and language attitude studies. During my studies I took part in various student competitions, such as, TDK and OTDK. I have been an active participant of YLMP (i.e. I participated in YLMP 2010 and 2012) conference, which made me realize that I should concentrate on my generative linguistic background as well. Therefore, I do believe that participation at EGG will enable me to fill in the gaps in my linguistic awareness. Since I would like to enroll my PhD studies in Poland, I think that taking part in EGG will give me a helping hand in choosing the most suitable field of linguistics for my future PhD major. Additionally, as I heard a lot of positive things about EGG from my Polish colleagues, I would be more than delighted if I could become a part of EGG experience.

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