last nameOlovcic
first nameMaja
main domainsyntax
based inBosnia
emailolovcicmaja @ hotmail.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionDear all, At the beginning of my letter I would like to thank you for this opportunity of even applying to this great event. My name is Maja Olovcic and I am 23 years old. I study English language and literature at Faculty of Philosophy at University of Sarajevo. While reading your web page I realized that this would be a great opportunity for me. I am glad to see organizations like yours who care for students and their education. I believe that these kind of activities are going to help those students who want to enrich their knowledge. One more extraordinary thing about your project is that we can meet students from different countries and exchange our experiences. At my first and especially third year of faculty, I realised the significance of grammar and syntax. Now, on my final third year, I chose to write my B.A degree essay (thesis) related to important aspects of English language, particularly grammar and syntax, my B.A topic is: PARTICIPLE CLAUSES AND THEIR FUNCTION IN THE SENTENCE. I am confident that hard work on my B.A thesis will help me perfect and enrich the knowledge I adopted so far. In September, I am starting with my Master´s studies and I will choose Professor´s course (teaching direction) because I see myself in the role of professor and teacher. During my practicals (practice hours related to my third year subject: INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH LANGUAGE PRACTICAL CLASSES) in elementary and high school I realised that is the right call for me. Since I was 19 I tutor children and I give them English lessons, so that they can improve their grades and English language skills. Besides tutoring the children, I work during SFF volunteerly (Sarajevo Film Festival) as translator and a guide. I work, as well, for a winery from Herzegovina as their representative, which is great because in exchange for my work the director of that same winery who lived in USA provides me valuable books relevant for my studes. I am sorry that I didn´t have the chance to participate in the kind of project you are offering. It is of great importance to gain knowledge and experience outside college. I believe that the kind of experience you are providing is as relevant as work or lessons at my university. Forgive me for a lenghty letter but I truly hope you got to know me a little bit, who am I, what I am interested in, and why I would be extremely happy to be part of this project. I wanted to write, as well, what courses I would like to attend but since I saw the schedule from 2012 I was not sure if it is valid for this year too. If necessary, I will send schedule of courses I am interested in when new schedule arrives. Hopefully, I will have the chance to meet you all in July. Sincerly, Maja Olovcic

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