last nameSipitanos
first nameKonstantinos
affiliationUniversity Of Crete
main domainsyntax
based inGreece
emailsipitanoskonstant @ gmail.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionI am interested in describing languages! I also work with children from other countries and I believe that Universal Grammar can gives us an other way of learning a second language. I believe that a new research in generative grammar is going to start. I am mostly interested in clitics and in the interface between syntax and semantics. I have already completed my firsth year in my two years Master Program. Me specialization will be in Syntax, and I believe that the Egg program, will help me to find my dissertation. Egg is one of the most famous programs focusing in Generative Grammar! The participants are young and the program is very pioneering.

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