last nameStegovec
first nameAdrian
affiliationUniversity Of Ljubljana
main domainsyntax
based inSlovenia
emailadrian.stegovec @ gmail.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionI've been to the previous 5 EGGs and I like to think this has contributed greatly to the fact that I came to love generative linguistics as much as I do now. I'll be pursuing my interests further in the future, as I'm starting my PhD program in linguistics at UConn in the fall. My interests are quite diverse, however, my past research mostly dealt with syntax (argument structure, interactions with the lexicon, interactions with information structure ...) and phonology (government phonology, phonological theory, phonological inventories, phonological variation and universals ...). Right now I'm getting more and more into the syntax/semantics interface, so I'm very excited about this year's line up so far. I hope it gets even better, perhaps with things also heating up on the phonology side? :-) I also can't wait to meet with old friends again, to make new ones, and to share ideas and good times with them!

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