last nameTóth
first nameBálint
main domainsyntax
based inHungary
emailthyravenwings666 @ yahoo.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionI am a second year student of theoretical linguistics, and am currently pursuing my BA degree at the University of Pécs as an English major-Hungarian minor. My specific field of interest is minimalist syntax (of mainly English and Hungarian) in which field I am currently conducting some preliminary research regarding the applicability of the movement theory of control (MToC) and radical BPS to hungarian syntactic models. My interest in Linearisation without LCA is an offshoot of this project. I am also interested in Distributed Morphology, the syntax-semantics interface and the structure of the hungarian operator field, with special regards to the properties of the focus projection. Considering the pivotal part the PF component plays in contemporary generative syntax, I'd also like to bring my knowledge of phonology (which is currently somewhat lacking) up to par via the phonology lectures and seminars. I am also fascinated by cognitive semantics, although my only involvement with said field was a short conference talk I've given about the controlled construal of cognitively primed social meanings through newspaper texts, which was based on a short frame-based preferential anaysis I conducted as a pilot study. Thus, it would be great if I could also enrich my knowledge of semantics during my time in EGG.

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